Frances Farmer

Alternate Nostril Breathing

In Stress Relief on October 27, 2012 at 2:09 am

College can be so stressful. And to think, I’ve just started… At times I do get overwhelmed with stress with worrying about papers due, books to read, and what on Earth am I eating for lunch? When things get crazy, I have to be prepared with an outlet. I do yoga, which helps a lot. One move in yoga that can calm the mind in no time at all is alternate nostril breathing. It sounds a little weird, but don’t knock it before you try it. (:


First, you take your pointer finger and your thumb (or any fingers that feel most comfortable to you) and close off one side of your nose.
Now, take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath through your nose until you can’t take in anymore air.
​HOLD IT…..​
Release the air slowly out your nose. It should take 2 times as long to release the air as it took to take it in.
Finally, try the other side.
Repeat until you feel restored. ​​

See? Deep breaths really do help!​​

  1. Glad you found Alternate Nostril breathing. Definately an easy way to calm down.

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