Frances Farmer

Slow Down.

In Advice on October 27, 2012 at 2:00 am

As a commuter to college, I have become accustomed to traffic, honking horns, and angry drivers in general. It all gets irritating rather quickly. What I notice as a common feature of these drivers is that they are all rushing. I can probably guess that these people rush in other aspects of their life as well. I, too, rush to school and become annoyed with every slow driver. I see how this falls into the rest of my life by how I want things done now.

​Food’s not done?  Well, microwave whatever’s here.
​No time to read assigned chapters? Read the summary.
Late for class? You can bet that I’ll be speeding.

Once I took notice of this pattern, I decided to take action. I took it upon myself to slow down in everything I do.
It wasn’t easy. I found myself wanting to rush to class since I was nearly late, but then I realized that speeding will just make me stressed, I could end up getting a ticket, or worse, I could get into an accident. So, I slowed​​​ down to the speed limit. I got to class late, but barely missed anything and was actually in a good mood during school.

​​ When I get home from school, all I am thinking about is food. I could warm up pizza rolls in a quick minute to eat, but I’ll just end up being hungry again in about an hour. Or I could look up a recipe for spaghetti (my faaaaaavorite) and make dinner for everyone in the house. The latter may take up a good amount of time; however, the benefits are much greater.

After I chill for a second, it’s off to do homework. I’m faced with two decisions. Actually read the chapters I was assigned or just read the summary online. If ​​I read the summary, I’ll still have to put together the rest of the pieces of the story by myself. If I read the chapters, I’ll understand the story completely without any extra work. Sometimes taking the slow route is worth it.

So, while people may drive past me angrily while I go the speed limit, I know there’s no need to rush. (:​​

  1. Slowing down is something I’m working on, too. I think it can open up space to feel and notice the things going on in our external and internal environment– so useful for aspiring writers! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad I came to visit yours. keep writing!

    • Thank you so much for your comment (: I appreciate it very much. You’re so kind! I’m glad you can relate to slowing down it life. It’s amazing how much the level of stress in my life has lowered since taking things just a little bit slower.

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