Frances Farmer

Free Write

In Stress Relief on November 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm

This is a bit similar to the let it out post, but a little more in-depth. If you ever feel sad, or frustrated, or angry, or anything I recommend writing. Writing exactly how I feel in that moment, uncensored and unedited, helps me to literally let it all out and see it on paper. It’s writing for no one other than yourself, no one ever has to see it. I find that as I am writing, my feelings are flowing out of me and into what I’m writing.  Afterwards, I feel clear of those negative emotions. I feel at peace.



PEACE! (Photo credit: Snapies ~ hiatus!)














Peace Sign

Peace Sign (Photo credit: edgeplot)


Peace Pagoda San Francisco

Peace Pagoda San Francisco (Photo credit: davidyuweb)



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