Frances Farmer

Be Open-Minded

In Advice on November 15, 2012 at 6:00 am
Open mind closeup

Open mind closeup (Photo credit: vj_pdx)

I’m still figuring out myself and by no means do I know best. Throughout school, I’ve come across people with differing values than myself. That doesn’t mean their values are wrong, they are just different. I used to be close-minded and assume that my way was the right way. If I approached different values in this way, I would have missed out on countless learning opportunities, possible friendships, and I would constantly try to convince others that I am right. In reality, I do not need to “prove” my way to anyone. But I hope that if I were to encounter someone else with differing values than myself that they would listen to my side just as I would listen to theirs.


  1. Very true! It’s so easy for us to get so caught up in defending our individual worldviews that we leave the conversation never having truly “listened” to the counter-points. Many of us tend to defend ‘what we think we know’ for the sake of our own egos, and what could be an enlightening conversation quickly transforms into an emotional debate.

    There is so much more we can learn, about ourselves, by being open to the words of others. And if we are humble enough to continue the conversation, we often find that our ‘stances’ were not at ends with each other the way we originally thought they were.

    Great post & awareness!

    • Exactly. I try to not be defensive about my way of life. I don’t need to defend it. But it is interesting to see how others live also. Life is a learning experience 🙂

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