Frances Farmer

Me and My Mommy in Dresses

In Fashion on November 19, 2012 at 10:05 am

My mother and I went to a wedding in Belize. The weather was breezy and warm, pretty much perfect. So, these lightweight dresses were the best possible outfits. And they were affordable too. We blended into the wedding crowd easily with our practical dresses. As you can see, mine had straps, a small cinch waist to give the dress shape, and then flowed away from the body highlighting the beautiful, flowery design that continued to the floor. My mother wore a halter top with an Aztec-like design. The dress, too, was floor-length. Not only were these dresses pretty, but they were comfortable as well. And who doesn’t need a comfortable dress?

I completed my outfit with shell-like earrings borrowed from my cousin (thank you Marsha!), a pearl necklace from my Grandma, and golden flip-flops. My mother added a simple shell-strewn and simple, peep-toe heels. Yay for dresses!


  1. A wedding? If you were to attend a wedding in my part of the world you two would wear far more heavy stuff: iro, buba, gele, serious jewellery and makeup, bla bla bla aso ebi things…tell me if you need translations, i’m sure you don’t tho 😉

  2. This is a wonderful photo of you and your mother, especially since it’s in my home country of Belize….I just wanted to know if it was in the actual City of Belize and if so was itnear the swing bridge…….Anyway Thanks for adding me as a Friend….

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