Frances Farmer


In Poetry on November 25, 2012 at 1:24 pm

I feel like a shell of a person. A seemingly functioning human being, yet on the inside there is nothing. I am empty. My head swells with expectations from others, but where are my own values? Somewhere along the way, I lost them while taking the path most traveled. My heart beats for something more than monotony. My dreams stray away from the norm. I am stuck in a routinary existence and it seems as if I have lost all hope of escaping. I think of what I truly want, what I desire and all that results is an overwhelming feeling of confusion.

Where is my mind

Where is my mind (Photo credit: CowGummy)

(As I sit here writing I feel so nervous that people will actually read this and see how I feel, how I really feel. It’s terrifying).

  1. Your on the right path to becoming a Profound Writer…Great content! As you read, it makes anyone’s conscious “pre-flight,” your thoughts at the time you wrote it. At the same time it creates a dimension in the readers mind as if they were you……Oh and If your terrified that just means that your an Extra-Terrifying-estrial…

    • Yay! Positive feedback! That puts my mind at ease just a little (: thanks so much. Gosh, I sure hope I am on the right path. Thank you for sharing your response. I’ll keep it in the mind the next time I write.

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