Frances Farmer

Mustache Fad?

In Fashion on December 1, 2012 at 5:55 pm

What is with this craze over mustaches? Please someone explain it to me.

They’re everywhere.

get-attachment (14)

They’re on ads, they’re on glasses, they’re on rings, they’re on earrings. WHY?

get-attachment (11)

get-attachment (13)And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve made animal versions as well.

Apparently people want to be bunnies.

get-attachment (12)

and bats…

If anyone out there has the answer, please share.

  1. Great article! And nice stash pics!! lmao

  2. That orange mou is my favourite. 😉 The one that looks like Hulk Hogan’s.

  3. those things you girls are joking with mean the world to lotsa men.

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