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A Love Story

In The Girl Behind the Blog on December 3, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Okay, so a long time ago I tried my hand at fiction. This was the result:

      Alicia and Chris had known each other as long as they could remember. They were the best of friends. Alicia and Chris, Chris and Alicia, they were together so much it was a rarity to hear their names separately. They grew up together in the streets of Brooklyn, although it wasn’t the best place to raise kids their single parents couldn’t do anything about it. Chris’ mother was in horrible shape on account of the paralysis that claimed her mobility and ended up sending Chris’ father away because the stress was too much. Alicia never knew her parents, they were taken away for a reason she couldn’t remember and were as far off as a distant dream. She had lived with her Aunt Erika forever and she was the closet thing she ever had to a mother and she tried her best to nurture Alicia even though times were hard. Despite their lack of upbringing and melancholy childhood, the two turned out quite well. They took care of each other and swore to always be friends and even ended up becoming more than that, but neither of them could predict what was about to happen, the thing that threatened to tear them apart…
            It started out as any other day; I was taking a long shower and Chris jokingly yelled to me that I was using up all the hot water while he walked out the door on his way to work. By the time I was out of the shower Chris was already outside by the car and that’s when the police cars drove up to him. I wondered what was going on. They pushed him against the car and handcuffed him; I couldn’t believe it. Everything else was a blur; the last thing I do remember was them away riding with Chris, my long-time boyfriend. I couldn’t comprehend why, let alone what had just happened. I found myself racing to the police station they would surely take him to, not caring that I was 30 over the speed limit. Without him my life was nothing, without him I couldn’t possess the will to live. Being in prison with him would be a better alternative than being alone, without him by my side I would no doubt go insane. An image of a confused and upset man with deep, brown eyes wide was frozen in my mind.
            I arrived at the station in no time at all. I ran straight to the front desk, desperately trying to get someone’s attention.
            “Umm, excuse me sir?” I inquired. No luck.
            “Excuse me!?” I almost yelled.
            Finally, I managed to catch the eye of the deputy sheriff.
            “Yes, ma’m how can I be of assistance?” He asked.
            “Well, you see…I’m not really sure what happened myself. It passed just as quickly as it came…” I rambled.
            “Umm, ma’m you’re gonna have to be a bit clearer…” He uttered.
            “I’m sorry, I’m just so flustered right now”, I reaffirmed, “My boyfriend, Chris, was just arrested and taken away. They brought him to this station, I’m pretty sure of that. I was just wondering what he did if I could see him…?”
            “Oh, you’re talking about Mr. Thompson, huh? He’s here on an offense of robbery. And I’m ‘fraid I can’t let you do that” He explained.
            “Yes sir, but Chris would never do something like that; I know that for a fact. I understand, but could you please let him know that I stopped by and I’m gonna find a way to get him out of this.”
            I knew exactly where I was heading, straight to the snake that Chris considered a friend for some reason that escaped me. He went by Parish and sometimes went as far as to call himself ‘The Parish’. I couldn’t stand him from the moment I laid my eyes on him. He had been sucking off of Chris’ good nature and somewhat too nice attitude endlessly. Sadly, this went unnoticed by him. So Parish knew he could get impunity no matter what he did with Chris around. However, with me around he had another thing coming; the last time I recall I chewed him out for getting Chris involved in his schemes once again. I swore to him that the next time he came around and tried to cause trouble I would personally issue what he deserved. Since then we hadn’t heard from him in a while. But then, this morning our world had crashed before our very eyes and I guessed that Parish thought he was oh-so-clever for thinking this one up.
            Although he was quite the sneaky type, he wasn’t necessarily smart; I ended up finding him in his usual hangout, which was an abandoned building on .Snyder Avenue.
            “Hey Parish, you better have a good freakin’ reason for dragging my man into this junk again!”
            His head turned around quick and his eyes opened wide with shock. He tried to get up and run, but ended up knocking over all his stuff and running into someone in the process. I caught up with him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
            “I know you’re the reason why he’s in jail right now. All I have to say is you better make it right and you know what I mean by that. I’m sure you’re also aware what will happen if it isn’t taken care of by my deadline: midnight.”
            I left with that, knowing that everything should be taken care of now and if it wasn’t I could simply handle it by myself. That night, I waited by the station for Chris to be released. I saw Parish walking by to turn himself in, he shot a glance in my direction and I nodded in response. A few minutes later Chris was back in my arms and everything felt all right. There was nothing more he could ever do to us. A few weeks later, things were still as peaceful and routine as they once had been. Today we decided to go see how Parish was faring in prison. I was glad Chris finally saw Parish for what he really was. But for some reason he really wanted to see him and talk to him about something. I wondered what he could possibly have to say to him but it must have been pretty important because he wouldn’t even tell me.
            When we arrived at the station, the guard quietly escorted us to the visiting rooms. They knew why we were there. Soon enough, Parish came through the doors and that’s when we both noticed it. It wasn’t Parish at all; he had sent someone else to do his time for him. Chris seemed even angrier than I was. We had a long discussion about this upon reaching home.
            “I should have known he would have done something like this!”
            “Well, honey we can’t beat ourselves up about this. All we can do now is try to find out where he is.”
            At that moment the familiar sound of police sirens filled the air. Chris and I both ran toward the window to see what was going on. There in the street directly below us was no one other than Parish. He was obviously trying to disguise himself as someone else and as it turns out he did a pretty good job. The police said he fit the description for a big time drug dealer; as he was dragged away he screamed that it wasn’t him and he had nothing to do with it.
            The police officer simply replied, “If I had a dollar for every time I heard that one.”
  1. Lol lmao wow u have a very interesting imagination ,but parish deserved what he got nyc story

  2. that Parish dude…grr

  3. what a love story. Nice.

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