Frances Farmer

A Hot Date

In Fashion on December 4, 2012 at 8:07 pm

I had a hot date last night and I by hot date I mean we went to a Christmas party at Cracker Barrel. (Oh no, I laughed at my own joke). We being my boyfriend and I. Sadly, he is not pictured. Anyways, I was looking for an outfit for such a “momentous” occasion and accidentally threw on a smashing dress (Nigel Thornberry voice), if I do say so myself. I shall let you good people be the critics of my accidental outfit.

get-attachment (16)

So, this awesome dress was just laying in my closet being unworn and what not so I decided to do it the favor of wearing it (:

To “spice it up” (I feel awkward typing those words) a little, I added some stockings with a flower detail.

However, there was still something missing…a pearl necklace added a bit of elegance to the look.

My hair had been thrown up on the top of my head all day, but somehow it went perfectly.

Then I was left with the question of shoes. I scoured and scavenged. Finally, I found the perfect shoe: a short black wedge boot!

My transformation was complete. I went from bumming around the house to ready for the night life!

Yeah, right “night life.” But, I was ready for my date.

Please, oh please feel free to leave your comments behind.

(I decided to be a bit more personal in this one rather than bland, ol’ writing).

  1. wow, your mum reads your blog? Cool.

  2. Love it,, smashing

  3. My favorite post so far! Love it! And the outfit! I love this writing style

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