Frances Farmer

Bandana to Headband

In Hairstyles on December 15, 2012 at 12:38 pm

I really like the turban style headbands, so I decided to make my own (:

1) Start with a square bandana. Turn it so it makes a diamond shape.

2012-12-15 11.42.29

2) Grab one corner and bring it to make a triangle, but stopping a little before both edges meet.

2012-12-15 11.41.14

3) Proceed to fold the bottom of the triangle in rectangles until a small flap is left.

2012-12-15 11.43.13

2012-12-15 11.43.40

2012-12-15 11.44.02

4) Fold the flap upwards.

2012-12-15 11.44.22

5) Grab the bandana so the flap stays folded and hold that side up to the back of your head.

2012-12-15 11.48.57

6) Cross each end so that they come to the front of your head.

2012-12-15 11.49.16

7) Twist one side under the other.

2012-12-15 11.49.42

8) Tie a knot.

2012-12-15 11.50.04

9) Tuck the remaining fabric underneath the headband.

2012-12-15 11.50.56

2012-12-15 11.36.28


  1. Ah! So cute.. I like your glasses as well 🙂

  2. Reminds me of TuPac. LOL.

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