Frances Farmer

Travelling Clothes

In Fashion on December 18, 2012 at 11:40 am

I left for Houston the other day. While travelling I figured I needed clothes that were comfortable yet versatile. I scoured through my closet throwing clothes left and right, trying on outfit after failed outfit. Finally, I decided to throw on my skinny jeans that I wear just about everywhere. Okay, so I have pants now. I knew I would wear my blue Keds since boots would be too much for the 70 degree weather in Texas. Shoes, check. I needed a top… Looking through my closet I found a colorful tank top. “Perfect,” I thought. Now for a jacket… it had to be thick enough to actually keep me warm in the airport, but light enough so that I wouldn’t be taking it off and putting it back on, taking it off, putting it back on. A blazer! It was the perfect choice since it was lightweight, comfy, and it took my “casual look” up a level (: To top it off, a hat with a jazzy feel. And so I flew to HDSCN4059ouston happily ever after.


  1. do you actually play that?

  2. 😉

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