Frances Farmer

Power of Positivity

In Advice on December 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm

Our words have more strength than we think. I can remember the last time I was called an unkind word. In a world where insults are hurled without thought, my own words can counteract the damage. I can also remember the last time someone said I was beautiful, smart, and nice. Words are insanely powerful. An unkind word can stick with someone for years upon years. So can kind words. Wouldn’t you rather be the cause of someone’s smile rather than their pain? I would. Sometimes I have to be the positive light in my own life. I always tell myself that I am lovely and if later a mean-spirited thought arises, I dismiss it and remember to send love to myself. Voicing positive words to myself can bring my sour mood to happiness. Simply kind words can change perspectives.So, voice that compliment you’ve wanted to say for so long; it could lift up someone’s whole day, whole life.  Recognizing your own beauty can do wonders for self-esteem. Practicing kindness toward yourself can transfer to the rest of your life as well. Others will sense this aura and be inspired to follow suite. Kindness spreads and touches every soul. Keep the chain going (:

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  2. […] presents Power of Positivity posted at Ramblings of a Teenager, saying, “Article expressing the true power of […]

  3. Thank you for this post. Better to make someone smile than scowl. Especially this season. When we spread the light people are lifted, they have a sense of self-worth, they want to be around us. I guess if we find out we’re beginning to lose the friends we have and are finding it difficult to make new ones we’ve got to watch what we say. Thanks.

    Wish you a wonderful Christmas up-front

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