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Where to Wear…

In Advice, Fashion on January 9, 2013 at 7:51 pm

new outfits? Anywhere and everywhere! I wore a new outfit to my first day of school today! I only wish I tested it out at home first because the shirt was a bit uncomfortable. I could have been comfy and looked nice if only I had taken the time to wear it around a bit. So, that’s my advice. Wear something that you think you look good in and feel comfortable in, otherwise you could end up in an outfit that just isn’t your style and that will result in a feeling of awkwardness.


On to my outfit of the day:

I wore my new shirt that I’m not sure I’m a fan of yet, a navy blazer, skinny jeans, and my new boots that were “bestowed upon me” by my sister, Carrie! It was a simple enough outfit.  Fancy, but still casual.Versatile since I could take off the blazer if I got too hot. Long-sleeved shirts are more of a commitment, you know?

Due to my mom’s persistence, I have more pictures of me awkwardly trying to model.

























And that’s that! Maybe next time I’ll learn my lesson and wear something more “me,” whatever that means. (:

  1. next time, okay?

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