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Erase All Your Pain and Embrace a New Life

In Stress Relief on January 15, 2013 at 7:52 pm

The Tapping Solution includes:

-asking yourself how you feel, acknowledging what’s been going on in your life lately, what’s been on your mind, and noticing if there is any pain in the body

-finding a connection between what’s been on your mind or in your life and the pain in your body.

It could be a pain in your neck simply from stress from work or something deeper such as childhood trauma. Find your connection.

-once that connection is found, tap the side of the wrist, eyebrows, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collarbone, under the arm, top of the head, and repeat this motion while repeating a positive affirmation.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s so simple to do and the results are immediate. I’ve been sick for a while now and my head has been killing me. I tapped along with Louise and my headache vanished (: Seriously, try it!

Louise Hay and Nick Ortner talk more in detail about this. You can tap along with them in this video:

Video Guide:

Intro: 00:01-2:00

Talk about Louise’s Book: 2:01-3:00

Talk about Tapping: 3:01-5:50

The Science Behind Tapping: 5:51-6:42

Why Tapping is Important/Tapping & Forgiveness: 6:43-8:35

Preparing for Tapping/Identifying the Source of the Pain: 8:36-12:15

Tap Along with Louise Hay: 12:16-14:57

Access the Pain: 14:58-15:23

Positive Affirmation: 15:24-17:38

What To Say/Do While Tapping:17:38-19:06

Learn to Heal Yourself with Tapping: 19:07-21:25

Tapping For Everyday Activities: 21:26-23:24

Parting Thoughts: 23:25-23:45

Announcements: 23:46-24:17

I know it is a long video, so at the very least tap along with Louise Hay and Nick Ortner at the bolded topics. If you absolutely love it, maybe you should consider attending the Tapping World Summit!




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