Frances Farmer

It Doesn’t Have to Match, It Has to “Go”

In Fashion on January 24, 2013 at 9:45 pm

At least that’s what Stacy and Clinton say on What Not to Wear

so I followed their advice and tried a color scheme of brown and pink, but not restricting my outfit to these two colors. There were some pastels, some black, and others as well! Another windy day came by in Georgia, so I knew my skinny jeans wouldn’t fare well against the strong winds. I was pretty much forced to resort to my lackluster sweatpants, but I swore that this outfit would be different. I would not succumb to the lazy feel of sweatpants! And I didn’t (:


Please ignore the clutter of my family’s home and my awkward pose, teehee. So, what I’ve got on:

– my go to brown, winter-ready boots

-my not-so-lackluster-today black sweatpants with pink accents

-a pink, black, and white decorated button-down longsleeve shirt

-my pastel colored scarf which cost be $20, but it was for a good cause (Women in Africa made it)

-my very fluffy, poofy, and puffy brown jacket with a faux fur accent

Add these elements all together and you get a pretty comfy outfit with a “gussied up” feel.

Warm & stylish!


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