Frances Farmer

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

In Advice on January 29, 2013 at 11:23 am

Sunshine (Photo credit: rkramer62)


Unleash your full potential this spring!



In addition to clearing out your clutter this spring, open up your mind to new ideas.

First off, identify the distractions in your life, whether they are people in your life, social networking sites, wandering thoughts, or your endless to-do list.

Next, eliminate or at least reduce these distractions in your life.

-If you can never find a moment alone to work, section off your time dedicated to important tasks diligently and stay true to these restrictions otherwise nothing will change. Put your phone on silent, close the door, or go to a separate space to work entirely.

-If idle time on the Internet is your problem, block the sites that are taking up your time. There are many plug-ins that can be added to browsers. For example, on google chrome one can simply search for a site blocker, download it, and activate it by going through settings and extensions. This will prevent you from wasting time on random sites and help you realize when you become distracted.

-Meditation can help organize an overflow of thoughts. By taking just a few minutes a day to sit in silence and empty your mind, everything will become clearer and be a truer reflection of reality.

-To manage an ever-expanding list of tasks, planning can help. Writing down all the tasks you need to complete and then marking off which are the most important, you can efficiently check off each one until you’re done. Remember that it doesn’t all have to be completed in one day. Assigning specific tasks for each day can reduce the entirety of the list and help you focus on today’s agenda.

Through these suggestions, you can foster a renewed state of mind and feelings of peace and vitality.



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