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Learn How to Make Your Mind Infinite

In Advice on February 1, 2013 at 2:04 pm
Rainbow Thoughts

Rainbow Thoughts (Photo credit: chiaralily)

The trick to having an ever-growing mind is…

to not cling to old thoughts as absolute truths, but let new ideas flow freely through your mind by adding a healthy dose of questioning to your routine.

Questions to Ask:

  • question the judgements you make of people
  • question the lifestyle you live
  • question why you work for someone when you could be your own boss
  • question why you believe in your religion
  • question your fears
  • question why you eat meat instead of being vegetarian/vegan
  • question the negative thoughts that come into your mind
  • question why you keep certain people in your life and not others
  • question your pre-conceived notion of your purpose in life

Applied Examples:

  • Instead of making an unfair judgement about an unconventional character at first glance, you might actually get to know that person. I bet a fair amount of your assumptions were off. Maybe ask yourself why you thought what you did about this person.
  • Think about why you follow societal trends such as mowing a lawn. Why not grow a garden?
  • Question why you hold the job you do. Do you enjoy it? Do you have dreams of doing something else?
  • If you have a hard time staying positive through hard times, ask yourself if you seeing things as they truly are or if the reality in front of you is blurred by the film of your perception. Perhaps ask others their opinions on the situation to see if it matches up with your own. If not, it would probably be best to rethink things a little.

To start seeing things more clearly, click here. (:


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