Frances Farmer

Break the Routine!!!

In The Girl Behind the Blog on February 6, 2013 at 10:18 pm

Free yourself!

Today, I strayed from my boring routine of going to school, going home, going to school, going home. This time I actually stayed on campus and hung out with my friends for once. It was pretty awesome. We ate lunch at the commons and I had stir-fried vegetables with tofu and it was so good, surprising for cafeteria food. I’m trying the whole vegan/vegetarian transition, we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, after lunch my friend and I had plans to go to the gym, but seeing how I’m adverse to the gym…that didn’t happen. I’d rather do yoga at home (: Then, we went to this awesome hip-hop/r&b/latina  concert that spoke of racial tensions and social problems. And I met a new friend, Adrian! It was a nice turn of events. And now I am here writing this post, telling you about my day, not that you asked 😛

get-attachment (1)

The point of this story is to tell you of my success in breaking from my routine. It was a little nerve-racking not going home to study or do my blog post right away, but the world didn’t end or anything as a result, so it’s okay! I hope I’m encouraging YOU to break out of your comfort zone, lose the routine just for a day and explore new opportunities, meet new people, let new thoughts flow into your mind, just try something different and I promise you’ll be amazed with the results (:

*this post was inspired by David Richmond, who said, “Hey, you should write about this on your blog!” And so I did!



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