Frances Farmer

Breaking in the Jeans

In Fashion on February 11, 2013 at 8:17 pm

Wanna to know what I mean?

Today was an unusually bland morning. I woke up to the foggy, rainy weather with quite the sour disposition; however, I vowed not to start my morning in such a funk. I rolled out of bed instead of wallowing in the desire to sleep for just 5 more minutes. “What could turn this day around?” I thought. Well, it’s said that when you look good, you feel good, not that my happiness is tied to my appearance, but the attempt couldn’t hurt. So, I pulled out my new jeans that have barely been worn due to my trouble in pairing it with just the right accessories. Today would be the day I would not only wear these jeans, but rock them (: ‘Naa mean?

I decided to add my blazer to the mix because when has it ever failed me? I added a t-shirt into the equation, but the colors didn’t pop. I didn’t want this to be another day where I simply blended in. I searched my dresser for a light colored shirt to bring some different colors into play. I settled upon a summery tank top, although it surely wasn’t a summer day I figured my blazer would protect me from the harsh winds of Georgia.

Lastly stood the question of shoes. I have shoes galore, but that doesn’t necessarily help. Majority of them are dress-up shoes as in heels, which I would never dare wear on a school day and face the wrath of my sore feet later. The other half are tennis shoes and those are what I aaaaalllwaaayss wear. Time for something new, something appropriate for a rainy day, but not as clunky and childish and rainboots. The final decision: boots!



Blazer + tank top + new jeans + boots =

get-attachment (1)























get-attachment (3)



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