Frances Farmer

The Jade Jacket’s Song

In Fashion on February 21, 2013 at 10:12 am

The morning light peered through the cracks of my window, shining on my slumber and filling the room with the laziness of Sundays. While the sunshine was gentle, the brisk winds came as if it held a grudge against hot summer days. The frigidness of the day did not seem to bother the birds who happily chirped out their salutations. The kitchen was alive with scents of bubbling bacon and crunchy, buttered toast, yet my head lay heavy on my goose-feather pillow and my body refused to unwrap itself from the burrito of softness. Lying in bed for just 5 more minutes, then 10, then 15 minutes was interrupted by my the need to awake and start my day for there was a lot to do.

The issue of what to wear arose. I had to be shielded from the harsh winds, but clothed light enough to avoid burning up from the get-attachment (14)beaming sunlight. The outfit had to be comfortable enough for me to  lounge around in while completing ever-growing stacks of homework, but not casual to the point of sloppiness. A green jacket screamed out of  my closet to be worn. An outfit based around this comfy, casual yet fancy grass green jacket. Not too hard. Since my jacket was doing all of the talking, I decided to choose a v-neck as white as a cloud, so as to not steal the jacket’s spotlight. Still, the jacket needed a partner in crime, a friend to sing out its duet, so this solo act turned  into a duo with the addition of a playful, pastel scarf. Now it was a party! Midnight blue jeans and flats that shined with silver served as the essentials of the outfit, while not distracting from the jacket-scarf combo. To end, I threw my blue-tipped brown-golden hair up into a simple ponytail to serve as a background singer to my outfit’s performance.

I wanted to try writing a different way for once. I wanted it to show my experience, not simply recount and retell what happened. And so I tried my best to be as descriptive as possible. Feel free to tell me what you guys think of both my outfit and my writing! Thank you!

I know my jacket looks undeniably blue in this picture, but I swear I’m not colorblind and it’s just the sunlight hitting it making it look so bright. My brother, Micheal, was nice enough to take my picture, so thanks Mike! Also, today is his birthday, so shout-out to Mike! Happy birthday bro!

get-attachment (13)


If you have any ideas on how I could have spiced this outfit up even more, please share! I’m always open to new ways to dress. I have recently started going through my closet to find old clothes to wear in a new way, instead of buying new clothes that I don’t end up wearing. I’ve been trying to go the minimalist route in different aspects of my life; hopefully, it spreads so I am living off just what I need and nothing more. You guys should try it too! (: Although shopping at Goodwill and finding awesome pieces like this jacket is…well, pretty dang awesome, so maybe I’ll continue to splurge there. If you happen to find great clothes at Goodwill or any thrift shop, share those too! You can be sure I will!

  1. I, honestly, think you write better. Kinda properly descriptive. Nice pictures too, though what’s s’pposed to be jade isn’t. 😉 Are you really sure you don’t need the Ishihara chart? 🙂 Just kidding you.

  2. I love shopping at Goodwill!! Have found tons of wonderful clothes & misc. items there over the years! Great jacket, by the way! 🙂

    • It’s great finding something totally cool for cheap! Much better than going to the mall and getting outfits everyone else has (: thank you!

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