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In Food on March 7, 2013 at 11:21 am

Living with a carnivorous family, sometimes it’s hard to stick to my vegan diet, so it helps when I find quick and easy recipes.

This recipe was actually a sort of freestyle with me throwing in stuff that sounded good (:

I guess I’ll call it a tortilla sandwich!



Earth Balance “Buttery” Spread





Black Pepper-to taste

Olive Oil-to taste


1) Lightly coat tortillas in spread on one side (or you can butter the pan)

2013-02-23 12.43.48

2) On the other side of each tortilla, spread avocado

3) On the side with avocado, layer sliced onions, tomatos, and spinach.

4) Top with black pepper and a few drops of olive oil.

2013-02-23 12.48.34

5) With the buttery spread side facing out, put tortilla sandwich onto stove top on medium heat for 5 minutes. Flip. Repeat. (if you buttered the torillas, there is no need to butter the pan)

2013-02-23 12.54.50

6) Turn off heat and enjoy!

2013-02-23 12.59.46

I know this post was a bit short.  I wasn’t really sure of what else to say! Hopefully, I can progress to My French Heaven’s level (:

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe give this recipe a try. If you have any recipes or any suggestions at all, feel free to share!

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