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Unravel A Magical Chinese Practice

In Stress Relief on March 14, 2013 at 11:03 am

Discover the secret to a balanced life.


The Ancient Art of Qi Gong

Personally, qi gong fits in perfectly with my stress relief routine, which includes yoga, meditation, and writing. I actually prefer it over meditation because it relaxes me much easier whereas sometimes I just can’t get into my meditation and enjoy it. The simple hand/body movements in addition to the deep breathing quiets my thoughts and eases any stress away. Also, quality qi gong sessions are easier to find than yoga since qi gong hasn’t become a fad yet. I love the easiness of qi gong; anyone can do it really. It is not intimidating as some yoga poses are and a few minutes of qi gong are not as far-fetched as sitting still for 20 minutes in meditation. Qi gong is a simple way to calm your worries with just enough physical movement to keep your interest. I hope you try it and love it!

     What is Qi Gong?

      Qi gong (also known as chi gong) has been a source of stress relief and prevention in China for many years. Like chakra meditation, it targets important pressure points in the body. Qi gong also emphasizes deep breathing and qi energy.  The practice has just started to become popular in the US. Qi gong leads to a balanced life by balancing your qi.

    What is Qi/Chi?

    Qi is the life force within you and it is shared with everyone and everything. Qi is what can lead to a better understanding of not only yourself but everything around you as well. It can described an electric or tingling sensation in the body.

Soul Palm

   How Do You Practice Qi Gong?

     Like yoga, qi gong is an exercise with many different movements. In qi gong, the emphasis is on hand movements. For a start, you can begin with these 3 simple exercises.

The Three Essential Exercises for More Energy

  1. Knocking on the Door of Life
  2. Deep Breathing
  3. Buddha Holds Up the Earth

To find out more about qi gong and what these revitalizing exercises are, click here for a video demonstration by Lee Holden.


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