Frances Farmer

The Flip Flop vs. Sandal Dispute

In Fashion on March 29, 2013 at 12:33 pm

School is kicking my butt this week! Two tests on Monday alone, not to mention countless scholarship deadlines coming up. *sigh* So, it’s nice to have a break every once in a while. It seems like Georgia’s usually gloomy, cloudy weather decided to take a break too and shine bright on a wonderful Friday (:

To commerate the beautiful weather, I wore brown shorts as if it was summer. It surely felt like it that day. To complete my I-wish-it-felt-like-this-all-the-time outfit I added a pink tank top to contrast with the brown. And of course to top it all off, flip flops! I haven’t been able to wear them in forever, so it was nice to finally break them out again. Yay for flip flops! I never understand the people that wear flip flops year round. Their feet must be freezing. Oh well, whatever floats their boat.

Also, there’s always the dispute over if they’re called flip flops or sandals. Are the synonyms? Are they two separate items? Who knows?

Hopefully, more warm weather will be coming Georgia’s way because I don’t know how much more cold wind I can take.

Georgia, make up your mind!

Sorry I didn’t take more pictures of my outfit. I was having too much fun enjoying the weather!


I totally forgot to post yesterday! Sorry! Ahh, there goes my record, lol.

  1. You’re a smart lady. All that school stuff i’m sure you’d deal with. And “hopefully, more warm weather will be coming Georgia’s way” 😉

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