Frances Farmer

Be Someone’s Tub of Ice Cream on a Rainy Day

In Advice on April 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Learn how to be incredibly delicious (:

Maybe I’m the only one who finds comfort and relief in an irresistible spoonful of Chunky Monkey ice cream (or maybe not), but I’m sure you can relate to finding happiness in something yummy, relaxing, or inspiring in a general sense. I know when I am feeling down, Chunky Monkey is always there for me.

That’s why you should be the tub of icecream (or whatever comforts you) for someone on their “rainy day” when you can.

On Monday, my new friend Greg was admitted to the hospital due to a sickle cell crisis and I had to be there for him. Although I couldn’t ease the physical pain, I tried my best to assuage the emotional pain of his family not being able to visit him. It was difficult to see him in pain especially since I couldn’t do anything except wait for the medication to kick in. It definitely was a new experience for me; I barely even knew what sickle cell was, but for my friend’s sake and to get rid of my own irrational worries, I researched it.

I found promising information on sickle cell anemia reassuring me that although the whole ordeal of hospitalization and loads of medication looks pretty bad, the disease is by no means a death sentence. Each website I went to made this point clear. People with sickle cell anemia can undoubtedly lead fulfilling lives and I plan to make sure Greg’s life is abundant with love and happiness. I even found information on potential treatment using herbs and other natural remedies, which is right up my alley. (Yay for the natural path!)

I feel hopeful that my friend will be okay. Although I may not be able to visit him as much as he wants me to, he should know that I am thinking of him constantly. Even though the pain medication may not kick in immediately, a cup of herbal tea may make the pain a little more bearable. Maybe the medication and natural treatment may not work, but there are plenty of other options out there to try.

So, my point is to be the shoulder your friend cries on, the arms they run to, the hand they squeeze, the voice they fall asleep to, the sunshine peeking through the clouds after the rain, the source of light and love in their life.

Whatever way you can help, do so instead of wishing you could do more. The little you can do is more than enough. Always be positive.

(I tried to put as much as myself into this post in order to convey my emotions and my experience as well as drawing advice from my lesson learned. If you could leave any comments, I would appreciate it.)


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