Frances Farmer

You Are Already Whole.

In Advice on April 25, 2013 at 9:26 am

You know that saying “two halves make a whole?” Well, I think that’s crap.

No matter who you are, this applies to you. I believe you were born with everything you could ever need to be exactly who you want to be. Really and truly. We are all humans, creatures of this Earth, and, on a broader scale, pieces of the vast Universe. We all have our own unique destiny that only we can fulfill. We don’t necessarily need a partner in order to reach greatness. You have all the tools you need inside of you; all you need to do is look within. I know that sounds like fortune cookie advice, but it’s the truth.

Why would you look inside someone else to reach your own personal goals?

So embrace the single life or if you are in a relationship, realize that you and your partner are two different people and always remember to love yourself first.

  1. So very true. Im so happy you have realized this at a fairly young age * proud older cousin*

  2. Definitely true. I wish more people would realise that saying things like “I can’t live without you” just makes you sound like a pathetic stalker lol

    • True, but those people just don’t really know how to be alone without being lonely and its seen as a bad thing. I guess it’s a part of growing.

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