Frances Farmer

5 Ways Cutting My Hair Helped Me To Grow

In Advice on May 9, 2013 at 2:24 pm

I went from below shoulder length hair to this!



Decision Making

Choosing to cut my hair was a big deal for me. As a teenager, I’m just starting to get out into the real world and moving away from having everything handed to me, so making any decision fully by myself is a big deal, at least I think so (: It took a lot of thought over a long period of time to make sure I was absolutely positive that I wanted to make such a drastic change. Long hair was the norm for me and to move away from that would have been crazy to me a few years ago, but as I’ve been growing up I have been wanting to try more and more new things!


Cutting my hair was something new! Just like a new outfit or pair of shoes, cutting my hair would fulfill that desire to just have something brand new. I look around me and the majority of girls have long, long hair. I had gotten tired of blending in with the crowd. Doesn’t anyone else ever feel that way? So, in a way, I cut my hair just to be different, but that’s not the only reason!

Comfort Zone

For a long time, my hair has been my security blanket and I wanted to rid myself of that insecurity. I didn’t want to depend on my long hair anymore. Since I’ve cut my hair, I’ve noticed just how much I twirl my hair out of shyness because when I go to reach for it, it’s not there! Of course I still can twirl my hair, but now I’m much more aware of it and trying to move away from that fidgeting as well and  start standing straight with confidence.


For me, my hair was a big part of my identity and I believe that’s dangerous to be so attached to a material thing. Expanding that further, I discovered a lot of my self-worth depended on my looks, which will slowly deteriorate in time. I also realized that there is more than one type of beauty. The look of long hair, shaped eyebrows, dark eyelashes, clear skin, heavy make-up, etc is only what American society tells us is beautiful. It is only an opinion, not a hard-fast rule, so I decided to create my own definition of beauty, which is constantly changing and encompassing more as I grow.


Since I’ve cut my hair, I’ve had the urge to continue cutting my hair until I find one that works for me, but I’ve realized that even if I don’t find that perfect cut, I’ll be okay. I am more than simply pretty, just beautiful, or only cute. I am more than the labels society has stuck on me. I’m more than my hair, I’m more than my physical appearance, I’m more than my body.

I am an infinite being, a free soul and cutting my hair helped me realize that; it pushed me toward my full potential.


  1. I get it! I cut my hair recently too, and although it was scary, it was such a sense of freedom. You look beautiful!

    • Thank you! I love how I feel with short hair! Do you have a picture of yours?

      I just realized I put a picture of myself with long straight hair and then short curly hair, lol. That must have confused some people.

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