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Are You A Prisoner of Your Mind?

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Although being out of prison is necessary to n...

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When being alone with your thoughts can spiral you into a bad mood, you’re already trapped in a cell of your own making.



Any situation can be made to seem bad or negative with irrational thinking. Something as simple as eating could become a source of fear when only the negative possibilities are focused upon. Sure, you could worry about disliking the taste of your food or panic about choking or having an allergic reaction, but these are only the worst case scenarios. If you’re going to think about the possibilities  be sure to include all of them as well as the positive.


Irrational thinking can strike at any moment and can be applied to anything, so the trick is to recognize patterns of irrational thinking. When you find yourself in a foul mood from your thoughts, realize that the positive outcome is just as likely as the negative and choose to be positive for your own sake.


Practice countering your negative thoughts with positive and eventually, you’ll get in the habit of doing this and then you’re on your way to being a happier, more optimistic person on the whole.


Short Recap:


1) Become aware of negative thinking


2) Replace negative thoughts with positive


3) Be happy!

Now, here’s a happy baby (:




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