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Escape the Mundane

In Advice on June 13, 2013 at 10:25 am
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Tired of your boring old routine?

Interestingly enough, it’s the little things that count. By that I mean changing the seemingly unimportant things in your day can alter your attitude. Escaping a routine is usually portrayed as taking a grand vacation; however, that is not the only way to feel free and in control of your life. Not all of us can simply walk away from our lives for a week or so, thus making vacationing an unlikely option. Since a physical vacation may be out of the question, try taking your mind for one instead.

Change your thoughts like you change light bul...

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Try to think about all the little things in your life you can change easily. You can always change your thoughts. You can change the outfit you wear (put a neglected piece of clothing to use!). You can use your non-dominant hand instead to brush your teeth. You can change the way your hair is parted. Begin thinking of these much overlooked aspects of your day and make them count.

I’m always wishing I could grow up already and move out to begin my life, but I still have 2 more years of college. For me, the big changes that I want to make in order to feel free are not plausible (like travelling the world). So to keep myself from going insane, I focus on making every day special by manipulating the small details. For instance, I’ve been cutting my hair as I please, wearing earrings that I usually never even touch, exploring new music from all around the world, pondering far-fetched ideas, looking for new opportunities to get involved, and the list goes on. These small things add up and leave me feeling as if I’m already free and no longer waiting for good things to happen to me.

I am in control.


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