Frances Farmer

I Like Short Skirts and I Cannot Lie

In Fashion on July 11, 2013 at 11:00 am


Cute outfit alert! Looks like I’m saying “Aww, stop it” in the picture.

Prescription “Old Man” Glasses from Zenni Optical


Sleeveless Black Collared Shirt from Marshall’s


Black & White Leopard Patterned Skirt from Goodwill


Leather Flip Flops from Abercrombie Kids


Insane Cuteness in Houston!

I’m having so much fun in Houston with my big sister and brother. Exploring Houston, attending spiritual classes, watching Netflix, cooking up a vegan storm, and just hanging out. My trip has been filled with fun so far!

Tonight, we plan to go to the movies with cousins to see an advance preview of Grown-Ups 2, so I threw on a nice outfit to bring in the event!

My sister got me the shirt and skirt, which really made the cuteness possible.

Applause to her (:

I added my crazy old man glasses to pepper things up a little and just kinda be someone else for a change. The flip flops I have had since I worked at Abercrombie Kids 2 years ago. And the product was an awesome outfit!


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