Frances Farmer

The Key to Staying Healthy and Happy is…

In Mental/Emotional Health, Physical Health on October 23, 2013 at 6:00 am

finding our current level of stress.

Last week, Stress Outlets talked about what stress is.

In order to find our current level of stress, we have to know what is stress specifically to us.

This is different for everyone because no two people are the same; therefore, we all have different reactions to stressors.


Stress to me is overthinking.


What is stress to you? Submit your answer here.


Once you know what stresses you out, you can begin to fight back.

How to Figure Out Your Current Stress Level:

  • Be mindful of yourself
  • Tune into your emotions and make note of them
  • Notice your reactions
  • Realize your biggest stressors
    • Avoid them
    • Rate how much they stress you on a 1-10 scale
  • Realize your best stress relievers
    • Utilize them
    • Rate how much they relax you on a 1-10 scale
  • Appreciate when you feel at peace, calm, and unstressed.
    • Rate your happiness
  • Calculate your current stress level based on triggers, stress relievers, and happiness. Average the numbers. The result is your current stress level number.
  • Refer to the scale below.


Stress Level Numbers and Meanings:

  • 1: rarely stressed, wide array of very healthy stress responses, positive outlook almost always


  • 2:  not stressed often, have majority healthy stress responses, usually feel positive


  • 3:  stressed sometimes, usually have healthy stress responses to turn to, usually positive outlook


  • 4:  stressed at times, have healthy stress responses, but don’t always use them, positive outlook sometimes


  • 5: stressed often, have healthy stress responses that you use sometimes, equally positive and negative outlook


  • 6: stressed frequently, may or may not have healthy stress responses, slightly more negative outlook than positive


  • 7:  stressed majority of the time, may or may not have a few healthy stress responses, majority negative outlook


  • 8: stressed a lot, probably no healthy stress responses to turn to, extremely negative outlook


  • 9: stressed almost all the time, no healthy stress responses, overwhelmingly negative outlook


  • 10: always feel as if stressed, no healthy stress responses, almost completely negative outlook


Now that you know your current stress level, you can learn techniques to best manage your stress.



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