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Binaural Beats: Music to Your Mind

In blog, Mental/Emotional Health on December 11, 2013 at 6:00 am

“All the sounds of the Earth are like music.”

-Oscar Hammerstein

Binaural beat therapy stems from the idea that all sounds are like music.

Don’t take for granted the rain trickling down the roof or the sound of crickets singing through the night. These natural sounds and countless others can be used to relieve stress.

Binaural beats takes this idea one step further by adding specific patterns of beats underneath sounds of nature in order to reach an even more relaxed state of mind.

Take your relaxation to another level with binaural beats.

Benefits of Binaural Beats

According to the 2001 study “Use of Binaural Beat Tapes for Treatment of Anxiety: A Pilot Study of Tape Preference and Outcomes,” binaural beat therapy may reduce anxiety.

The study also concluded that “repeated exposure to these tapes may result in an improvement in the ability to relax” (Scouarnec 2001).

The results suggested that binaural beats may be more effective on those under 40 years old.

The study mainly used delta and theta beats, which are two of the five frequency ranges.

The 5 Brain Waves

Each brain wave induces certain emotions and states of mind. For stress relief, theta waves work best.

making waves
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Start Listening to Binaural Beats

You can start listening to these samples of binaural beats from Binaural FrequenciesThe experience is better with headphones.


Rainy Day


Ocean Waves


Work Cited

Le Scouarnec, R P, et al. “Use Of Binaural Beat Tapes For Treatment Of Anxiety: A Pilot Study Of Tape Preference And Outcomes.” Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine 7.1 (2001): 58-63. MEDLINE with Full Text. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.


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