Frances Farmer

About the Creator: Frances Farmer


The Eternal Fight

Stress is a part of everyday life. It’s something to be dealt with, not avoided. A majority of people simply ignore stress until they finally can’t take anymore. Frances Farmer believes in facing stress head-on before it accumulates. 

The Inspiration

Frances has experienced first-hand the damage stress can wrought. She used to handle stress ineffectively by worrying excessively and overworking herself. As a result, she developed a stress disorder called Trichotillomania, causing her to pull out her hair as a stress response. For 7 years, she has struggled with the disorder. She finally found the light at the end of the tunnel when she learned about yoga. Yoga helped reduced her stress so much that it inspired her to search for other stress outlets. Thus, the journey began.

The Journey

On Frances’ search for alternative methods of stress relief, she realized others probably have the same desire to find an outlet. So, Stress Outlets was born. Stress Outlet’s goal is to provide various techniques for stress management in order to live an overall happier life.

Join Frances on her journey to help make the world a less stressful place.

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